How Does Wealth Management Work?

wealth management
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Wealth management is a commonly used term in finance, investing, and accounting. However, the intricacies of wealth management can be challenging to understand on the surface.  

Many individuals with investments or a growing income may hear from friends or colleagues that they need wealth management services, but what exactly does a wealth manager do? How does wealth management work, and how do you know if partnering with a wealth management services provider is a smart step in your plan for your financial future? 

Answering these questions can be easily achieved by having a conversation with Saddock Wealth. In the meantime, here’s an overview of wealth management services and what they can entail. 

What are Wealth Management Services? 

As your wealth grows over the years and decades, your finances and correlating financial strategies inherently become more complicated.  

With an increase in wealth comes new scenarios that need to be navigated, like capital gains taxes, estate taxes, fees, and outside factors like market fluctuations and inflation. All of these considerations can impact your income and chip away at the wealth you have now, and what you have in the future, and what you leave behind for your loved ones. 

A wealth manager’s job is to mitigate these challenges and find opportunities to maintain and grow your wealth, and what you leave for your heirs. 

The Key Roles of Wealth Management 

The best wealth managers have far-reaching expertise in different financial situations. Therefore, they provide client-focused services that tailor their guidance and actions based on your unique financial situation.  

In addition, a top-rated wealth manager’s job is not stationary and only focused on one particular and unchanging role. Instead, their duties and initiatives change as your life and income change, and their strategies and plans evolve along with you. 

However, wealth management service providers focus on the following key and broad objectives to secure your financial future. 

  • Develop strategies that align with your long-term financial goals based on your specific financial situation and how it will change over time. 
  • Review and manage your investments based on your investment horizon and risk tolerance and identify ways to reach your long-range financial goals. 
  • Provide guidance on how to grow your wealth while minimizing risks. 
  • Guide you on protecting your wealth and ensuring that you are adequately insured and secure in case of health issues, long-term care needs, and other emergencies.  
  • Review how your wealth and taxes may play a role in your finances and find strategies to minimize any hefty fees and taxes owed in the future. This can include annual tax situations like your federal tax returns, as well as long-term situations like estate taxes and fees associated with your heirs’ inheritance. 
  • Create actionable strategies and plans for how you will distribute your wealth to your loved ones and other beneficiaries and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. 
  • Prepare strategies for companies and corporations that identify financial opportunities now and consider an exit horizon for years down the road when it’s time to retire or launch the next phase in a business’s lifespan.  

An Overview of Services that Fall Under the Umbrella of Wealth Management 

One of the reasons wealth management is so difficult to define is simply because a range of services come into play. A sample of some of the services that an experienced wealth manager can offer includes the following: 

  • Comprehensive financial planning for any individual or company situation 
  • Management and guidance for investments 
  • Tax strategies and accounting services 
  • Legal and insurance planning 
  • Estate and trust planning for individuals and businesses 
  • Retirement strategies and guidance 
  • Legacy planning, charitable giving guidance, property or real estate situations, exit strategies for businesses, and other distinctive situations that vary from client to client. 

When it comes to complete wealth management that is built specifically around your unique needs, Saddock Wealth can help. 

Wealth Management Services with Saddock Wealth  

Even if you are not clear about whether you need wealth management services now, it never hurts to explore your options.  A dedicated wealth manager will help you identify growth opportunities for your income and wealth. 

Deciding whether wealth management services are smart for you starts with a consultation with Saddock Wealth. We’re happy to explain the services we provide and how they can best benefit your unique financial situation now and for generations to come. Reach out to us today to start the discussion. Discover how wealth management services, future growth, and permanent peace of mind all go together hand in hand.  

Contact us today. 


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