Saddock Wealth is a boutique multi-family office that champions the interests of our clients. Our team takes a more in-depth look at your planning and investments; we want to make your day-to-day lives easier. By understanding your goals and the level of success you’re looking for, we can create the most effective and wholly customized plan for you.

Our firm began providing tax planning and CPA services in 1980. As the practice grew and expanded, we increasingly specialized in complex tax planning for high net worth individuals and their family businesses. Because of the high level of service our firm was able to provide for income and estate tax planning services, we were increasingly involved in providing services related to these areas, including coordination with attorneys and other advisors, consultation on unique investment opportunities, family asset management, family conflict resolution, budgeting, and legacy or succession planning. Saddock Wealth is the branch of the firm specifically designated to serve as a family office for such wealth management needs.

Saddock Wealth, LLC is not a CPA firm




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We’re motivated by service-driven solutions and want to help you and your family preserve and grow your wealth. You’ve worked too hard to leave your assets to chance, exposed to market risk or commission-hungry brokers. We offer investment advice, insight, and all services associated with wealth management and planning so you can keep more of what you’ve built.